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Infographics are the Future of Data Representation

Infographics provide visual representation of data. Large volumes of information, particularly involving facts and figures can be difficult to relay through text alone. People are visual beings meaning that visual stimuli like images and diagrams are more likely to be retained than text. Scientific research has found the human brain to retain only 20 percent of what it reads.

Logo Art Studio designs infographics that relay the information you want to mass audiences through a single format. This makes it a very effective tool of communication.

What Do Infographics Include?

Infographics include a combination of icons, illustrations, and a short text in addition to the company logo.

How Can I Use Infographics?

You can use infographics to serve any number of purposes. It can be an effective way of depicting the year-on-year sales growth of your business and can also describe the salient features of a new product or service. Infographics are especially useful in drawing comparisons. You could highlight the difference between your product and the one sold by your competitor.

A well- executed infographic also has a positive impact on SEO. At Logo Art Studio we create designs for a wide range of clients across India, Australia, USA, and Canada.

Why Choose Logo Art Studio?

  • Dedicated designers and writers
  • Cutting edge graphics
  • On-time project delivery
  • Affordable prices
  • Round-the-clock customer support
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed







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