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Logo Art Studio: The Best Website Design Company For You

Logo art Studio helps you put your best foot forward with dynamic website designs that instantly elevate your position among competitors.

A website is essentially the front office of a business with free access to customers. It performs multiple functions for a business- you can engage with customers, complete transactions, promote your business and provide customer assistance. All this and more is conducted on the single platform of a website. Thus it makes sense to pay attention to your website design to facilitate good UI/UX.

Our Technology

Our dedicated team of designers uses the latest software to create state-of-the-art websites equipped for future scalability. We use:

  • HTML
  • HTML5
  • CSS
  • Flash
  • Photoshop
  • Dream Weaver
  • Illustrator

We understand that a simple feature can earn a business customer preference over its competitors. Increased traffic is of little use to a website if it doesn’t lead to conversions. To encourage visitors to stay on your website and to reduce bounce rates it is important to make the user experience as smooth and helpful as possible.

We Offer

  • Responsive site design
  • Relevant internal links
  • Intuitive design
  • Easy navigation

Why Choose Us?

  • Customized designs
  • SEO-friendly site
  • On-time delivery
  • Responsive sites
  • Affordable prices
  • Round-the-clock assistance

In addition to website design, we also offer professional logo design services, logo repair, illustrations, infographics, and print media design. Our USP is our service and makes us the preferred website design company across India, Australia, USA, and Canada. So if you have a design project, call us today!



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29, Nigra Street, Doveton,
VIC 3177, Australia
ABN: 45614485488
Phone: +61 383738613


5555 Florin Perkins RD
Sacramento, CA, 95826
Phone: +1 6047571052




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